Impact of Mobile on Life

Impact of Mobile on Life

Today, mobile phones have become an important yet common product. Nowadays we can easily find people carrying two or three mobile phones. It has truly become an essential part of our everyday life. Taking about its impact, mobile technology affects our life in both ways – positively and negatively.

Positive Impact

The most fundamental function of mobile phone is to receive and make calls.

Apart from this, they do even more; calling is just their major function.

The most important benefit of a mobile technology is convenience. Just with one single device you can do a whole lot of things without the need of going out of your way to do something. Mobiles helps to improve your communication skills and yes the parents would be less concerned about their kids by being in constant touch with them.

Today, mobile phones are not just a means of making and receiving phone calls; they’re more about messaging, songs, videos, games, reminder, and much more. So, one device with lots’ of uses! You can surf the internet, send an important mail, chat with your near and dear ones, get guidance about the directions and locations and prepare notes or presentations, anywhere at any time right from the comfort of a single device.

Moreover, you can come out safe from difficult situations with the help of the mobile technology. This technology really boosts the people’s ability to deal with emergency situations. And that’s not all! The mobile technology devices come bolstered with various advanced features like camera which helps people snap pictures and record videos.

Negative Impact

Every coin has two sides! Besides having lots of benefits, mobile technology also have some of the negative points.

These days people get so much addicted to mobile phones for talking, messaging, videos, games, etc. that they overlook the actual purpose of the phone and squander large part of their time in needless interaction over the phones.

Another fact with mobile phones is you can’t use them while driving as they may lead to accident. Moreover, there are some people who use mobile phone to interfere in other’s privacy. The mobile technology has a great impact on college students. They use mobile phones as a means of cheating on exams.
The mobile technology as in cell phones emits low levels of radio frequency radiations. Larger amount of these radiations can damage and heat tissue, particularly around the eyes and testicles. There’s also a concern that cell phones can also cause headache, sleeping problem, memory loss and even cancer.
The mobile technology has a great impact on teenagers. They spend a lot of their valuable time playing games and communicating with their friends via text, and social networking sites, hampering their studies.


I always consider mobile technologies as a boon, but they’ve been inarticulately used. Thus, the reasonable conclusion of the above argument on the impact of mobile technologies on our daily life is that the benefits of it are subjective and its usage is greatly affected by the user’s intentions.

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