With the passage of time, the gradual success of the IT Artificer Software Company has to lead the company to create its subsidies at different places in the city.

ITA Academia

The company has established about three subsidies companies such as ITA Academia that are currently working to train the people of their desired fields such as Web Development, Domain Hosting, Content Writing, Software Apps, Mobile Applications and many more with the help of the trainers assigned to each subsidy.

Research Center

It is the great success of the company that within the establishment period of seven years, now the company is able to create its own subsidies working under the supervision of the IT Artificer Company.

The success in the field of Research Academia aims to help students of research in research activities by providing them high-quality materials, The Subsidy is also providing them high-quality research scholars to make them unique in their research throughout the world.

The company also gives its shares to the subsidies with the courage to promote the company by making progress in development and its other products and services. The share awarded to the subsidies is in the form of cash payments or grants which generally depends on the time limit performance of the under employers and employees.


Besides this, for skilled ladies beyond the curtain, belonging to different districts of rural areas where the parents are more conservative about their females, the IT Artificer Company has provided the Subsidy of Kalewal to promote their skills in handy crafts and others, so that they can sell their handy crafts nationwide and internationally.

By this subsidy, to participate in the progress of the nation equally as men. In this way, the IT Artificer is promoting both the innovation and the applications which emphases exploring the enabling technology for essential infrastructure and also on integrating inter-disciplinary technologies.