Best software Houses in Lahore

Best software Houses in Lahore

1. Techlogix:

One of the leading names in the local software industry, Techlogix has been around since 1996 and was founded by 3 MIT graduates: Salman Akhtar, Kewan Qadre Khawaja, and Khurram Afridi. It is primarily a global consulting, eBusiness services and IT services company that employs more than 300 employees. Their main office is located in Lahore but they also have branches in Karachi and Islamabad. Techlogix has marketing/support offices and branches in Dubai, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, and Boston along with a software development center in Beijing.

Some of Techlogix’s core projects include the development of a mobile wallet service called Omni (similar to Easypaisa) for United Bank Limited, the implementation of PeopleSoft Campus Solution for LUMS as their primary campus automation software and the assembly of an enterprise architecture solution for Ufone.

2. NetSol Technologies:

NetSol Technologies is among the top software houses in terms of infrastructure. It was a small setup that was started back in December of 1995 by Salim Ghauri (who incorporated his brothers, Najeeb, Naeem and Shahab Ghauri, into the company later on) and has since grown to a behemoth of a company that employs 1500+ people in Los Angeles, London, Lahore, Riyadh, Beijing, Adelaide and Bangkok. It is a large, internationally-renowned IT consultancy and software development company that has global experience in allocating enterprise solutions to the leasing/lending and finance industry. NetSol also provides banking, healthcare, system integration, and IT services to their clients.

In 2006, the company obtained the title of the first CMMI Level 5 certified company in Pakistan which is the highest level of sophistication a company can receive. To this date, NetSol Technologies and NCR Pakistan are the only companies to have attained CMMI Level 5 certification in Pakistan. Due to their international quality certifications and solid infrastructure NetSol Technologies has landed deals with quite a number of blue-chip companies such as BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Yamaha, Fiat and Volkswagen.

3. Arbisoft:

Founded in the year 2007 by Yasser Bashir, Arbisoft was the successor to Yasser’s first company named DeepPixels which handled only post-processing of 3D medical images. DeepPixels still continues to do work on a smaller scale. Arbisoft came to life after the team started experimenting with software development services which bore more profitable results. Consequently, Arbisoft grew into a prominent company that it is today.

The first fully-owned product they’ve released is Intellistats, an app that analyses your phone usage, locates patterns and uses that information to tell you what carrier and plan is adequate for your daily usage. This venture was made possible because Arbisoft aims to establish themselves as an enabling platform for their own people, readily encouraging independent projects so that their employees may have the opportunity to grow by taking advantage of Arbisoft’s extensive resources.

4. Conrad Labs:

Conrad Labs was founded on March 15, 2009, by Abbas Yousafzai, who maintains his position as CEO. He describes the company as a specialized firm consisting of experienced software engineers who work with early-stage startups as their partial engineering team, or at times, the said startup’s only engineering team. Conrad Labs is following a startup studio model.

Their entire team consists of 25+ people so far. Conrad Labs started out as the research and development wing for Conformity, a web-based SSO startup from Austin, Texas. The connection between them is evident when one notices that the current name of the company is a play on the words; Conformity Research AndDevelopment.

5. Mindstorm Studios:

Mindstorm Studios was formed by Babar Ahmed along with his brother Faraz Ahmed in 2006 after the former left a career as an electrical engineer in Austin, Texas. Babar made headlines when his company rose to fame and was hailed as one of the leading entrepreneurs of that time. Mindstorm Studios employs 40+ people with substantial experience in cross-platform game development, animation, character design, architectural visualization and graphic design.

The primary focus of the game development studio is the creation and publishing of first-party titles. Initially, they started out with PC games and gained fame for developing the official game for the 2011 Cricket World Cup.

Since then, they have made a number of games for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone devices that have hit top spots in their respective app stores. One of their recent releases, Alliance Wars: Global Invasion has installs ranging from 10,000-50,000+ and some of its players spend up to 5000 USD per month on in-app purchases.