The application still trace you even after uninstalled

The application still trace you even after uninstalled

A new report shows that some applications trace your activities even after you have uninstalled them from your devices.

Bloomberg and later on some other media reported that application developers know about the users who have installed their applications. Developer provides ads and some kind of links in order to have their users for marketers or to advertise their new products or other specific purposes. ‘Uninstall Tracker’ is the commonly known words to the developers for this targets.

Uninstall tracker is another challenging task for Google and iOS store privacy. “It’s just generally sketchy to track people around the internet after they’ve opted out of using your product, Alex Austin, CEO of Branch Metrics told Bloomberg”. When the question asked by Bloomberg the Google and Apple did not respond properly.

User protection and data privacy have become a serious issue, as the number of users increased user protection become more complicated. Recently Facebook looked to buy cyber Security Company to secure their users

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